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C! Communication

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Building on 15 years of experience, C! Communication identifies and connects the strong points of your business and turns them into a cohesive communication strategy.

In a competitive world in which your competitors are communicating about the same subjects at the same time, C! Communication identifies the elements that make you unique. Together we will determine which communication channels and subjects to utilize at which moment to enable you to reposition yourself as a key player with a unique identity.

You can confidently leave all of your communication projects to C! Communication, from the most simple to most complex. We will ensure all of your communication is meaningful and coherent, whether it is intended for the press, social media or your customers.

C! Communication focuses on the human aspect and puts trust and transparency at the forefront. Our signature? A healthy dose of humor and creativity in our services!

Our services

Our specialties

C! Communication offers an audit of your content, regardless if it’s meant for online use, communication with the press, for print or for social media. C! can also establish and execute an comprehensive custom strategy for your business.

In order to take the next step and expand your activity through content, partnerships, media campaigns and the execution of a medium and long term action plan, C! also offers the possibility to develop and/or carry out the business development of your company.


You likely have a very clear idea of who you are, as well as knowledge of exactly which products and services you have on offer. But does the same hold true for your potential customers? Are you using the optimal tone of voice and the most suitable tools to reach your target audience? Are people familiar with the unique DNA of your company, your complete offering and the values you represent?

If you ever asked yourself any of the above questions, it is high time to contact C! Communication.

Brand and content strategy
Brand and content strategy

What is the best channel for each message? Let us discuss your needs and goals as well as identify your weak points, so that we can establish a complete media plan for you, including the creation of ad hoc material.

Maybe the necessary talents are already present in your team, but you need someone to coordinate everything in a smooth matter? Someone who reminds everyone involved about the house style of your brand and campaign, who makes sure all deadlines are met and who takes care of the communication with all of your suppliers and agencies? C! Communication is at your service!

Communication support
Communication support

You are ready to make the big leap: you have a clear idea of what your goals are, your business has a cohesive communication strategy and the necessary material is in full production.

Let C! Communication take care of the rest, keeping into account your product, target and budget. We will work out the further details of your briefing (claim, target, KPI, budget), analyze media proposals, negotiate the best purchases, execute your campaign and establish partnerships with agencies for you.

Media Buying & Planning
Media Buying & Planning

Projecting the right image and communicating properly with your clients on social media, using the correct tone of voice and frequency, is essential for maximizing your visibility. This is often easier said than done, however.

Let C! Communication guide you on the right path or even take care of things for you completely. We will not only increase the reach of your image but even more so, make sure to reach the right audience to maximize the reach of your messages.

Social Media
Social Media

You need a business presentation written, content added to your site or a call for bids built or proofread, but you are suffering from writer’s block or you lack the necessary profiles in your business to perform these tasks? C! Communication is happy to assist.


C! Communication is your ideal partner when it comes to identifying communication opportunities, building a communication schedule, planning and/or coordinating the launch of a new product and much more. C! will be at your side from start to finish, from writing and sending your press release to approaching the press of both Belgium (both French and Dutch speaking) and France.


We create your personalized website. Digitize your business in order to fully exploit the technologies available. Much more than a site, it is a tool that must be adapted to your needs, and to your target.

Identification of your needs through debriefings before and during the creation of your website. Discover our web solutions and contact C! Communication.

Web Creation
Web Creation

Let’s combine our strengths for your project!


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